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Posting Guidelines

Welcome to the Fandom Swallows its Tail. If you're a new member or this is your first visit, here are some things you should know:

The Way It Works
1. This is not an academically-oriented community. Polysyllabic words and a four-part thesis are not required in postings. By all means, roll out the Butler, the Wittgenstein, the Spivak. But don’t sneer at someone because they haven’t read Of Grammatology. We never made it all the way through, either. (If we’re going to be honest, that kind of elitism just makes you look like a jackass.)

2. We, the moderators, are not your parents, your babysitters, or your thought police. If an opinion offends you … good. Thinking about why it pisses you off will make you less complacent. But if someone says that something you like is dumb or morally repugnant, we won’t take it down to protect your feelings. If you care, defend your point of view. And yes, we swear. Sorry.

3. That said, let’s not get personal. Try not to reify practices onto people. Translation: think [slash/het/rps/chan/bdsm/wingfic/whatever] is [perverted/unethical/harmful/repressive/idiotic/whatever]? Fine. Post away. But if we catch you calling [slashers/het-writers/rps-fans/chan-writers/leatherfolk/anybody else] names, or if debates start devolving into flaming and cat-fights, we reserve the right to erase posts and comments.

4. Clearly, this community is multi-fandom. Posts can be about specific fandoms, specific aspects or practices of fandom, or about fandom in general. (If you’re posting to tell us that fandom A is better than fandom B, please do not neglect to tell us why. We like reasons. We can argue with them.)

5. It’s a little hard to define what’s off-topic for this community, but we’ll know it when we see it. Obviously, don’t post anything that bears no relation to fandom. This is not the place to pimp/bash your/someone else’s fic/event/art/vid/site, unless you are pimping/bashing it to illuminate something about fandom as a whole. If that is the case, and if whatever you are pimping/bashing is not your own, you must obtain permission before you post the creator’s name or post whatever it is in its entirety. We don’t plan to check on this, but if it comes to our attention that you didn’t get permission first or a creator complains, we reserve the right to take down the relevant post or comment. Spam or post too much off-topic stuff, and you may be banned.

6. You are perfectly welcome to post any essays, papers, articles, rants, or ramblings you have written about fandom. If it’s someone else’s work, use your own discretion when deciding to quote selections from or link to it, but get permission before posting it in its entirety. Please cut-tag anything long.

7. To sum up: this community is not going to be particularly regulated. It may occasionally resemble a free-for-all. We the moderators are not too fond of censorship, and we’re also pretty busy. However, we will erase posts or comments as we see fit, and in extreme cases, remove or ban members if we think it’s necessary. If you disagree with our actions as moderators, email us; we might be willing to reconsider. If there’s something going on that you really think we ought to know about, email us and we’ll check it out.

Got questions? Leave a comment, or email f_s_i_t@hotmail.com. Thanks!
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