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too many shiny glitter

Meta squared

Allo all, I'm your friendly soon-to-be-co-maintainer, lifeinwords, and while this is not my first community, it's certainly the one about which I'm most excited.

I'm an academic, so I'm happy to jump in and analyze absolutely anything fandom-related, but here are a few of my current interests:

Besides the commonly acknowledged hierarchy of coolness in fandom, how do people perceive and deal with the more hidden hierarchies, such as transitioning between friend groups, between betas and writers for whom you beta (if you happen to feel that either group isn't challenging you,), and how do you connect with the people whom you admire, BNFs or not, in order to take your fannish production (whether it be art, fic, or even discussion of canon) to a higher level?

Confession time: I don't give seriously critical fb. Why? If I start a fic that hasn't been spell-checked, isn't grammatically correct, or just makes no sense, I don't read it. Sometimes I read for kink or comfort, and sometimes that fic isn't what I would call very good. Why don't I take the time and energy to help writers get better, especially those who need it? Why do I instead expend my energy praising really good fic, or making notes on tiny typos in almost-perfect fics? Why don't more of us offer to beta, to give good crit, to make fanfiction a better medium as a whole?

Am I a bad person because I read and enjoy chanslash? Am I crossing social or ethical lines of reality/fantasy and encouraging the sexualization of children, just because I read it? Or, as Madeline says in Quills, am I able to be such a 'good girl' in the world because I'm sometimes a 'bad girl' in fiction?

Right then. Basics. I read, I write, I beta, I meta, I dabble in icons, and I'm a self-described panfandomwhore. Main haunts are Buffy, Harry Potter, Smallville, Everwood, Sports Night, and lotrips. Am on AIM as much as is humanly possible, and I love chatting with new people.

Now let's get this thing going! Who brought the slingshots? *g*
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