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One of these things is not like the others...

At a fan gathering not so long ago, I was asked my fandoms. After stuttering through a list of ten or so, the questioner referred to me as the 'WB girl.' I watch/write in Everwood, Smallville, Harry Potter, and The O.C., not to mention about five other fandoms, but it started me thinking about the characters and stories to which we as fans are drawn.

Why, for example, am I drawn to fandoms with younger characters? I admit to being interested in beginnings, innocence, and the process some call 'coming of age,' so that partially explains my fascination with younger characters. As does my age, I expect: I missed some older fandoms like Due South and Blake's 7, and haven't yet gotten around to trying them.

But are we drawn to experiences we've had, or to those we're most interested in having? Is it simply how we prefer our escapism, some of us wanting spaceships and other planets, some an idyllic and simplified teen world?

Moreover, does this preference have anything to do with the characters we're most drawn to writing? My fandoms often involve first times for the characters, growing up, discovering adulthood and its complications--as do the stories I write. Do y'all also find these preferences affecting your fannish work?

*goes back to writing O.C. smut*
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