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Fandom Swallows its Tail
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Mission statement:
We started this community because we’re fascinated by fandom as a phenomenon, a set of practices, a socio-cultural movement. We see fandom as something worth considering, worth discussing, worth debating. We have questions about fandom and the things that happen under its heading, questions like:

- why is there a stigma on being involved in fandom?
- is gender really subverted in slash?
- why all these "first-time" stories?
- what does age of consent have to do with fictional sex?
- are characters in RPS any more "real" that characters in FPS?
- do people object more if you defy canon or if you defy fanon?
- why are the majority of slashers women?
- what would happen to fannish practices if we found a way to sell this stuff?

We want to hear your answers to these questions. We want to try and come up with answers to your questions. We want to spark a bunch of debates, a few arguments, and maybe even a couple of fights. If you're a new member, feel free to jump on in: you can introduce yourself, post a question or idea you had about fandom, or go comment on an existing post.

Please read these guidelines before posting.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Email us at the address shown above. We don't bite. Much. Hard. You.