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RPS/media slash vs. FPS

I went fandom hopping again tonight. I used to be in Harry Potter and then switched to LOTR RPS. Tonight I went back over to HP for a few moments. And I was struck by how different it feels to read HP vs. Lotrips.

I'm wondering why it's so different. HP feels more fictional, less immediate, less hot to me. (Yeah, I'm reading smut.) The writing is just as good, but it's different somehow. I think it goes beyond the fact that I've got much clearer visuals in my mind to work with as far as Lotrips goes.

I'm curious. Are there any other people who read RPS/media and literary slash? What kind of differences have you noticed in the writing? Particularly does the level of sexiness feel different between the fandoms?
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I got into fanfiction through LOTR RPS and it presses some button in my brain that nothing else does.

I've tried other fandoms, they rarely satisfy me in the same way. I'm far away from most pop culture, boy bands, tv shows, other movies. So partly, I have no feeling for the characters. I do read some literary slash stories, mainly HP, Pirates, Good Omens, Faculty. But they are really quite different.

Thinking hard about it, the literary stories are more idealized, as you'd expect. Unlikely anyone could think up a story in which Elijah smokes and bites his nails, or Sean Bean leaves New Zealand, or Sean Astin stays married. And no matter how unrealistic the RPS, it starts from this specific reality and carries the weight of reader expectations. So that anchors it, in a good way, forces more realistic personalities. I also find it enormously amusing when events trump fanon (Orlando's weird father thing, Dom's possible girlfriend). Life is more interesting than fiction in that way.

But that doesn't explain why I have basically no interest in other RPS. Love The West Wing, not interested in either character or actor fanfic. Even Johnny Depp doesn't do it for me, partly because he's so into being a dad. Keira is mildly interesting. Am weird.
You're not weird. I knew right away when I first started reading LOTR RPS that it pressed distinctly diffrent buttons in my head from other fandoms. For me it is much much hotter than literary slash. Which I find fascinating. I have friends in HP though who see the hotness level as equal. So. *shrugs* Who knows. It may come down to the way each of us is wired. Thanks for your answer, I really appreciate it.
I think for me... lotrips feels real and immediate, which lends itself much more easily to hot sex than something like HP does. HP, even though it is set in present-day, and perhaps there should be no difference, IS different for me somehow. It feels timeless... suspended in a very fictional universe like a fairy tale. As real as those characters are to me, I actually have to admit that I feel a little uncomfortable reading graphic sex involving them... which is not to say that I won't read NC-17 HP stories, but I notice that I tend to lean heavily toward R and lower. I think it is probably my own hangup, but somehow graphic sex just does not fit in that world as well for me.

I don't think I'm being very helpful... I may have to think on this a bit more. :)
It feels timeless... suspended in a very fictional universe like a fairy tale.

I have to agree with this. My feeling is almost that the characters are just out of reach, I can't get really close to them. I can picture myself reaching out and touching Dom or Billy and feeling a body under my hand, but when I imagine reaching out and touching Harry or Draco they dissolve like a mirage.

I don't think I'm being very helpful...

What you wrote was actually very helpful. I use the words "real and immediate" myself when trying to explain the difference in feel to others. It was helpful to hear that someone else shares my view, since most of the people I chat with do not read HP and they couldn't really relate. So, thanks! :)
I don't do RPS for far-too-often stated reasons but my two main fandoms do have a lot of stories in which the characters (if not their actions or the backgrounds they find themselves in) are very down-to-earth (for want of a better phrase).

Good characterisation, for me anyway, is all about being able to relate to these people. But then (as I've also often stated) I'm not in fanfic for the smut.

As to the last! I pretty much do not envision the fp's or rp's too strongly (though that might be a function of my being not too visual). I've read incredibly hot stuff with characters drawn from movies, books, tv shows, or pop culture. I get turned on by the writer's vision of the characters, not necessarily by the visuals I have extratextually (otherwise, I could have *never* gotten turned on by TS :-)

In terms of writing, I have noticed many, many differences (my last two fandoms were popslash and HP, but I've hit several of the biggies before then). Frankly, I think HP's fics are very much influenced by the fact that the fandom is so diverse and splintered and that there exist no major lists (or even a major lj update community that I've been able to find). As a result, I feel like I'm wading through more not so stellar fic than I have in other fandoms (i.e., not necessarily having to do with RPS/FPS) . Another thing for which HP is notorious, of course, is the WIP's, which creates a different type of writing as well.

Also, if you started with HP, could your reading have changed? (I always feel the fandom with which we lose our cherry is both the closest to our heart, but, as a result, the one in which we tolerated the most crap).
Aahaha. Oh, you are so right! I started with Highlander and it is closest to my heart. Though sadly, I can't seem to really read anything in it anymore. I'll always love it though.

Thanks so much for your thoughts on this question. I agree that HP is very diverse. I was really quite focused on only a small area of it (mostly Harry/Draco). I think it's wonderful that HP offers so much to so many people.

Out of curiousity, what's TS?
Oh, sorry! Sentinel (y'know, the balding cop and the long-haired grad student :-)

As for H/D, I think that's a particular set all of its own, yes. I started there, but now have been reading a lot of Snape fic and things around there look quite a bit different...