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Het fic

A discussion on my LJ today inspired me to this post. I'd like to know what you think of it.

The question I asked myself and others is: Why do I find het fiction not interesting?

At first I thought that it simply had something to do with the fact that I hadn't read any really good ones. Some research, recs and deep, meaningful (*g*) thinking later I concluded that for some reason I just find het fics pretty icky, or at least incredibly boring.

This is what my first thoughts on the matter were: I'm in general not interested in the display of het sex on screen or descriptions of it in novels. I know that there is supposed to be this theory in Hollywood that the average female viewers are only interested in any given movie when the hero gets to snog/shag/marry his love interest in the end. Best example: the puffed-up relationship between Arwen and Aragorn. I'm very sorry, but this strategy is not selling movie tickets to me.

My guess why that is the case: it might be the fact that I don't need a random female getting it on with my respective on-screen crush to get my own marysue-ish fantasies going in my head. I have enough imagination on my own for that. ;)

All of this is still relatively raw, but I'm stuck here with my thoughts, so I'll just hand the question over to you. What do you think of het fic? Why do you/don't you like it? And what is the reason for your like/dislike, in your opinion?
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