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Intro and a couple of questions


So I was pointed here by executrix. My original fandom for actually writing in is 'Blakes 7' although I read fic for most of the media I'm interested in. I'm currently writing a long fanfic for manna's Administration series, which is interesting as I have the author and her beta advising me on edits. I also write a lot of original fiction and I am tending to move more in that direction, mostly concentrating on dystopian futures with non-standard action hero archetypes and noir-ish mysteries.

So the questions...

Several of the intros here and on a newish mailing list I joined seem to take reading slash as a given and writing slash as almost a given. Now I know quite a few fen who do neither and they have some very interesting views on canon and characterisation but might be put off posting if they feel themselves to be out numbered. So why are slashers so much more vocal, even on multi-genre lists/communities?

As for me most of my fanfic is technically slash but it contains too much plot/politics/action-adventure and/or not enough sex for the slashers but I'm never going to take away the right of characters to be whatever sexuality they damn well want just to make sure my stuff counts as gen. And I read far more gen than slash or het because I can't relate to the way most relationships are portrayed in fanfic (well there's more to it than that but it would take a whole other post to explain).

Which sort of leads me onto my second question... what about stuff that doesn't contain any sex but isn't suitable for general audiences because of violence/swearing/drug-taking/whatever being depicted in it? In the world of B7 print-zines there are a few zines for grown-ups that don't have sex but do have an age restriction but I've not seen definitive umbrella term for that sort of thing. And how things get defined on the web seems to boil down to individual web-things. What do people think? Do we need to come up with a new set of classifications (including one for stories with queer characters but no explicit sex) or do we just stick with what we have, unsatisfactory though it is?

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