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first question!

welcome to Fandom Swallows its Tail! due to a convenient loophole in the guidelines i wrote, it's not a requirement that you introduce yourself on first posting. so while you should all follow lifeinwords' sterling example (see below), i am opting for the less-intimidating short version. *grin*

hi. i'm the maintainer/co-moderator. i started this place with liw because i've discovered i'm far more interested in fandom it[self? selves?] than in any one thing produced within fandom.

and to kick us off, here's my first question: as written in slash, are the male characters really just horny, less neurotic chicks with dicks? have at!

ETA: i know this question sounds extremely simplistic (i phrased it that way on purpose), but there are some deeper levels that it touches on. check out the discussion- i'm really interested to hear what people think about it.
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